Underground Gas Line locating

Thinking of digging for any reason? No matter if it’s being done for construction or renovation, you should be aware of any underground gas lines as they could pose a safety risk to your project.

However, locating or finding underground gas lines in Denver or Colorado Springs takes specialized equipment and techniques.

Nothing to worry about, because Colorado Locates offers gas line locating services in Denver and Colorado Springs. We have been in this business since 2016 with a proficient team who have ample expertise to locate an underground gas line in Colorado Springs.

Gas line in parking lot.

We Ensure Seamless Underground Gas Line Locating Services

Locating underground gas lines is essential from a safety point of view, and many houses in Colorado Springs have gas lines buried in the ground. A professional service provider for gas line locating services needs to be contacted prior to digging as they are the ones who can give you accurate locating services with the detector machine that is used to locate the underground gas line in your location.

Deep excavation of the building site requires prior detection to locate the underground gas line in Colorado Springs, and we ensure the best service. Colorado Locates has a team of experts who know the techniques to provide efficient gas line locating services in Denver with specialized detectors that indicate their presence in a matter of seconds and give details on how deep it is.

Connect with us, and our experts work in collaboration with your excavation team and ensure safe digging with consistent checking to find underground gas lines. We visit the site location immediately upon request for gas line locating services in Denver.  Our team is licensed and insured and possesses tremendous skills to deliver gas line locating services, considering essential standards and policies that must be taken care of while performing the task.

 Why Choose Us?

  • Work in Collaboration with the excavation team
  • Efficient Professionals with in-hand experience
  • latest detection equipment used
  • Locate Gas lines and communicate findings

Connect With Us

Any assistance you need for locating underground gas lines in Colorado Springs before starting your project? Colorado Locates is one of the renowned companies with licensed and insured professionals who know the essential steps to finding gas lines buried on your property

Connect with one of our members to visit the site location to find the underground gas lines in Colorado Springs/Denver. They will give you the best suggestion to perform land excavation to a certain depth and help the team by giving security tips for digging the particular area under which gas lines are located.

Gas and Propane lines can pose significant health and safety risk to anyone digging in the ground. Firepits, gas grills, and secondary gas lines to garages and sheds can cause serious harm and property damage if not properly located prior to digging. In Denver and Colorado Springs, count on Colorado Locates to give you the accurate location of buried gas or propane lines. Call us today to schedule a time to find your buried gas lines and keep your project safe.