Colorado Locates provides private utility locating in Colorado and specializes in locating electric lines before digging. It is essential to locate electric lines before digging to avoid damage, disruptions to electrical service, and potentially hazardous situations.

Electrical line running from a detached garage.

Electric lines carry high voltage electricity, which can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly. To avoid these risks, Colorado Locates use specialized equipment and techniques to detect and map the location of electric lines. Once the lines have been located, they can be marked with paint or flags to indicate their presence to anyone carrying out excavation work.

Multiple lines coming from the side of a home.

By working with a private utility locating company like Colorado Locates, you can ensure that electric lines are located and marked before any excavation work begins. This helps to ensure that workers are aware of the presence of electric lines and can take necessary precautions to avoid damage.

Electrical line running through a parking lot.

Overall, working with Colorado Locates is a critical step in ensuring the safety of workers, the protection of property, and the prevention of costly and potentially hazardous accidents when working near electric lines. By taking the time to locate and mark electric lines before digging, you can avoid unnecessary risks and ensure that your excavation work is carried out safely and efficiently.