Underground Electric Lines Locating Services

Proceeding with land excavation without locating buried electric lines is not only a bad idea, it can be fatal. It’s better to be on the safe side and contact a service provider who can find underground electric lines on your project.

Colorado Locates have technicians who have the expertise to find buried underground electric lines in Denver/Colorado Springs. Connect with us before digging the area and wait for our experts to visit the site to locate the underground electric lines in Denver.

A reliable company is always required to find buried electric lines in Colorado Springs/Denver. It’s important to locate any buried electric lines before starting with any ground excavation, no matter how small or big the project is. Professionals have the knowledge and expertise to find buried electric lines. At Colorado Locates, our experts can locate and mark electric lines accurately before you start your project.

Multiple lines coming from the side of a home.

How do Our Technicians determine the Location of Buried Electric Lines?

At Colorado Locates, we use electromagnetic transmitters and receivers which can penetrate the ground. This modern technology equipment produces signals upon locating underground electric lines in Denver/Colorado Springs. Our experts can create a diagram or map in addition to clear marking to give you confidence in your next excavation.

Electrical line running from a detached garage.

Reach Us Before Starting with Land Excavation – We will Detect the Presence of Electric Lines If Any

Whether your project has you digging 6 inches or 6 feet, knowing the location of buried electric lines on your property in Denver and Colorado Springs can save you time, money and create a safer work site for everyone. Colorado Locates can provide that awareness and safety for your excavating project.

Colorado Locates has a team of professionals who use modern technology equipment that gives accurate information by locating the area with underground electric lines, marking the area, and communicating to the excavator or homeowner their findings.

Electrical line running through a parking lot.

Why Choose Us?

Here’s why Colorado Locates should be chosen during the planning phase of land excavation

  • We use state-of-the-art modern technology equipment that gives accurate information of the presence of the electric line in the ground.
  • Our technicians will accurately mark and provide documentation if needed.
  • We will communicate our findings to you the homeowner or your contractor to ensure a safe project.

Underground electrical lines can pose a significant health risk to both experienced excavators and homeowner’s with a shovel. In addition, cutting the data line providing you or your neighbor’s internet can result in hefty fines and unhappy neighbors. In Denver and Colorado Springs, finding buried electrical and data lines is as easy as one call to Colorado Locates.