These are questions frequently asked during the course of my work.

I called 811 but they stopped marking at the street, do you locate the lines coming into my home?

Yes, 811 typically marks to the customer’s meter. If your home’s meter is on the house, 811 will typically mark all the way to the house. However, if the utility meter is at the street, the line from the meter to your home is considered private. Therefore, you would need a private locating company to mark the lines across your property.

Are you able to determine how deep the line is?

Yes, my equipment will provide approximate depth. However, for safety, it is important to hand dig 18 inches on each side of my mark until the line is located.

How much do you charge?

Charges are based on two things, time to complete job and distance to job. Call me at 719-313-1828 or 720-755-1887 and let’s talk about your project and determine if I can be of assistance.