Underground Water Line Locating Services

Construction and excavation happen year-round in Denver/Colorado Springs, and as per law, it’s essential to contact a service provider who can locate underground water pipelines.

Always call 811 for locating public utilities and contact a private locating company who has professionals to find or locate private underground water lines in Denver/Colorado Springs.

Water lines are typically located deeper than other utilities to keep them from freezing in our cold Colorado winters. Your excavator may not be having the essential state-of-the-art tools to locate the water lines in Colorado Springs/Denver.

Instead, it would help if you went with professional experts who have knowledge and experience to trace water lines deep in the ground to make the excavation team aware of surrounding utilities, keeping the water lines safe.

Water Line Location Tracing is the Task of Professionals – Coloradolocates is Specialized in this Task

Excavating the land for constructing the property has to be done within a proper limit as there’s a possibility that underground water lines in Denver/Colorado Springs may get damaged. To keep everything safe, it’s essential to bring the specialized team knowing to locate water lines deep in the ground before excavation to give complete and accurate information of water lines found within the specific area.

Well and marked water line.

Coloradolocates has a team of highly qualified and certified professional experts who have complete knowledge of using state-of-the-art modern technology tools to locate water lines in Colorado Springs/Denver. Our team collaborates with excavation professionals. It gives them the idea about water lines in the specific depth of the construction lot to avoid damage and ensure the safe construction of the residential unit.

Our Professionals have Complete Knowledge of Equipment to Find Underground Water Lines

Knowledge of modern technology equipment is essential to locate/find underground water lines. The certified professionals at Coloradolocates have comprehensive skills and expertise to locate water lines in Colorado.   

Coloradolocates has been in this business for the past several years, and our professionals have gained the expertise to locate or find underground water lines in Denver or Colorado Springs. We visit the site location as per the client’s requirement and use modern technology equipment to trace the excavation area under which water lines are present.

Water meter with line running to home.

Why Choose Us?

We have ample clients in the engineering and construction sectors as they avail our services to locate or find the underground water lines in Denver/Colorado Springs. Here are certain reasons why you should choose our services at Coloradolocates to detect water lines in the proposed excavation area.

  • Skilled and Licensed Professionals with ample experience
  • State-of-the-art modern technology equipment used to locate the water lines accurately
  • Ample experience in locating underground water lines
  • Work in collaboration with excavation team to make them aware of the underground water lines
  • Affordable fees charged for locating underground water lines  
  • On-time availability at the excavation site location

Well and water lines are typically at least 4 foot deep to prevent the lines from freezing in our cold Colorado winters. Due to the depth, replacing a damaged water or well line can be quite expensive. Colorado Locates can find your buried water line in Denver and Colorado Springs and prevent costly repairs to a critical utility.