Underground Utility Service: Protect Yourself, Neighbours & Property

From sewers to water pipelines, gas lines to power cables, everything is buried underground. If you are thinking about construction or excavation work, you first need to verify with a utility locating company. Moving ahead without locating buried utility lines is not only a flawed idea; it can be destructive.

With Colorado Locates, you can avoid any mishap during your excavation. We have experienced technicians with the expertise to find buried utilities in Denver.

You may be wondering how we can help you. First, we prevent improper drilling and excavations damages. Second, identifying tolerance zones or areas that needed hand digging. And lastly, accurate mapping using proper equipment.

Let’s get more details about private utility locating in Denver & why should you trust us:

  • Discover Buried Electric Lines

Nowadays, a signboard is installed if new electric lines are installed. But, it is not possible to install them everywhere, right? Therefore, if you are thinking of digging, you need to call a reliable company. At Colorado Locates, our professionals use electromagnetic transmitters and receivers, which can go into the ground and produces signals where electric lines is laid.

Once we complete the private underground utility locating services in Denver, our experts will provide you with full mapping details marked with every point.

  • Locate Underground Water Lines

Your construction work may get hamper if you damage underground water lines. To keep everything safe, you can rely on our services. We will complete and provide accurate details on water lines found within the specific area.

We are available at your site on one call and find buried utilities in Denver with modern technology to trace the excavation area under which water lines are present.

  • Gas & Propane Line Detection

If you want to go seamless on your project, you need to check for any underground gas & propane lines in your area. At Colorado Locates, you encounter a licensed and insured team with an amazing skill to deliver private utility locating in Denver, considering fundamental standards and policies.

Why Do You Choose Us?

Following are the reasons you can count on our services:

  • Work in partnership with the excavation group.
  • Efficient professionals with in-hand experience.
  • The latest detection equipment is used to discover.
  • State-of-the-art modern technology equipment is used to locate the water lines accurately.
  • On-time availability at the site location.
  • Work with the excavation team to make them aware of the underground water lines.

The Bottom Line

It is crucial to book private underground utility locating services in Denver before starting your construction or excavation work. Call us to book your appointment to avoid any mishap or peace of mind.

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