Private Utility Locating in Colorado- Few Things to Ponder Upon!

While planning to begin any construction, excavation, or demolition project, it is recommended to perform utility locating on the site, first. This initial step must be executed if you want to complete your project without any hassle. As of now, plenty of companies are claiming to provide the best private utility locating in Colorado. Sounds great isn’t it!

But there is a glitch; how to pick one of them? Here we will discuss the technical aspect that you must take into account, before making an informed choice. 

Check their experience.

Experience is the first and foremost thing to consider when looking for an underground gas pipe locator. A utility locating service provider must have trained and experienced technicians. They must have experience handling different projects with varying scopes. We can offer you the best services if you book your inspection with us.

Go for Licensed Professional

Bear in mind that your selected company has licensed to work in your locality. They should have proper licensing to work or locate utility lines. On that front, our team of professionals are skilled and proficient in finding power lines to garages and exterior structures, electrical cable for lighting, drainage pipes for gardens and gutters, sprinkler lines and invisible fencing, and gas lines for grills and fire pits.

Earlier Track Records

Check their previous track records to get a clear picture of their work. The best private utility located in Colorado will provide you with all details of their work. This way, you can easily verify or count the selected utility locator company. You can also look for online testimonials or hear from actual customers.

Equipment Knowledge

Here are few examples of the types of equipment that should be known to an underground gas pipeline locator in Colorado Springs:

  • Traceable duct reader
  • Electronic markers and locators
  • Metal detectors
  • Man-hole cover locator
  • Ferromagnetic locator
  • Underground water leak detector

Note: You can ask about the above equipment used and its importance with your technician before hiring them. 

Why Choose Us?

Following are the reasons you can count on our services:

  • Work in partnership with the excavation group
  • Efficient professionals with in-hand experience
  • The latest detection equipment is used to discover
  • State-of-the-art modern technology equipment is used to locate the
  • water lines accurately
  • On-time availability at the site location
  • Work with the excavation team to make them aware of the underground water lines.

Note: Colorado Locates a family-owned company providing timely, reliable private locating services in Denver and Colorado Springs since 2016. You can count on us for all utility locating services for your site.

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